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Charmonium with an effective Morse molecular potential

At BEACH 2014 I presented the paper Charmonium with an effective Morse molecular potential which has recently  been published in the proceedings. In this paper I propose a completely new approach to charmonium spectroscopy. This approach allows the calculation of the parameters of the molecular potential, calculation of the radii of 5 S states, and information on the recently found charmonium-like states.

Bottomonium with an effective molecular potential


A molecular potential is used for the first time as an effective potential for the overall interaction in bottomonium. This allows the calculation of the rotational contributions of P states and the parameters of the effective molecular potential. Known experimental energy levels of bottomonium are fitted and values of predicted energy levels and the radii of some states are calculated. The paper was presented as a plenary talk at BEACH 2012 and has been published in the proceedings.