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The Higgs Boson and Quark Compositeness

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Considering that each quark is composed of two prequarks, called primons, it is shown that the recently found neutral Higgs-like boson belongs to a triplet constituted of a neutral boson and two charged bosons and , and that is, actually, a triplet and both and are doublets. The quantum numbers of these bosons are calculated and shown to be associated to a new kind of hypercharge which is directly related to the weak decays of hadrons and to the CKM matrix elements. Solutions to the proton spin puzzle and to other problems of particle physics are presented. 

This above text is the abstract of the paper The Higgs-like Bosons and Quark Compositeness.


Another paper on the same subject, but with further developments, was presented at Moriond 2104. The paper is called The Higgs boson and quark compositeness. You cann also take a look at its presentation.