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The Higgs Parity has not really been determined yet.

At Moriond 2014, on March 23, there was the presentation by Nicola De Filippis on behalf of ATLAS and CMS collaborations: Measurements of the Higgs properties at LHCPart of the presentation was on the Higgs parity which had been determined to be even. At the end of his talk there was a hot discussion on the parity determination within members of the audience and also involving Nicola De Filippis, and it became clear that the even parity determination for the Higgs had been model dependent with respect to conservation of parity which was assumed, but we actually do not know if parity is conserved in Higgs decays and transitions. I was there and saw the hot discussion.

Therefore, the parity of the Higgs boson has not really been determined yet.

All Higgs decays linked to a new quantum number

Higgs decays




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