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Dark matter does not exist in spiral galaxies

At the American Physical Society April Meeting 2013, Denver, CO, USA, I presented the talk A New Model without Dark Matter for the Rotation Galaxies. It is clearly shown in this paper that dark matter does not exist at all in spiral galaxies. Section 4.5 of the paper shows that dark matter has no place in Particle Physics. Please, read the paper at the link and obtain its erratum by clicking Erratum Spiral Galaxies.  The 4-year study conducted by the PLANCK collaboration on the microwave bachground radiation shot down dark matter. Please, see the news on Nature European probe shoots down dark-matter claims.

Quark decays via virtual Higgs-like bosons

The figure below is part of the paper presented at Moriond 2014. See the whole paper at the link. The transition from b to c is compatible with BaBar results as shown in BaBar’s paper.





Considering that each quark is composed of two prequarks it is shown that the recently found Higgs boson belongs to a triplet of neutral bosons, and that there are two quadruplets of charged Higgs-like bosons. The quantum numbers of these bosons are calculated and shown to be associated to a new kind of hypercharge directly linked to quark compositeness. Particularly, the quantum number of the recently found Higgs boson is identi ed. A chart for quark decays via virtual Higgs-like bosons is proposed. Justi cations for quark compositeness are presented.

At BEACH 2014 I presented an important paper on charmonium

At BEACH 2014 I presented the paper Charmonium with an effective Morse molecular potential which has recently  been published in the proceedings. In this paper I propose a completely new approach to charmonium spectroscopy. This approach allows the calculation of the parameters of the molecular potential, calculation of the radii of 5 S states, and […]

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