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Confirmation of the Mass Formula for Baryons

On January 5, 2013, the CDF Collaboration reported the “Evidence for the bottom baryon resonance state Λb*0 with the CDF II detector”, arXiv:hep-ex 1301.0949. According to CDF its mass is about 5.92 GeV/c2.

This level of Λb0 had been predicted in the paper Calculation of almost all energy levels of baryons, listed on the publication list. Its predicted mass is 5.93 GeV/c2, just 0.17% off. Please, take a look at this paper with its erratum (click here for the erratum). You can also get the paper from Academia through this  link.

As it said in the paper, the formula does not apply to hadronic molecules. Thus it does not apply to the recently found levels by LHCb  Xi_b’ and Xi_b* . Please, find their paper through this link. The mass of the baryon Xi_b0  is nicely described by the formula.

The Quantum Numbers of the Higgs Boson

There should be three Higgs-like bosons, a neutral boson H0 and two charged bosons, H+ and H, arranged in a triplet and a quadruplet, respectively, as shown in the papers The Higgs-like Bosons and Quark Compositeness that clearly shows that the bosons have Spin 0 and are, thus, scalar bosons, and also that they carry  new quantum numbers directly linked to the CKM matrix elements and to the weak decays of hadrons. You can also see the same in the paper presented at Moriond 2014 The Higgs boson and quark compositeness.