Proton Neutron

Ths SM Higgs boson does not exist. Instead, there should exist a multiplet of Higgs-like bosons.

As it is shown in the paper The Higgs-like bosons and quark compositeness  preons (primons) have spin equal to ½, but the Z components of their spins should be equal to +1/4 or -1/4 and thus, since each pair of primons forming a particular quark have to have equal spin Z components, the interacting bosons must have spin equal to zero. And because the charges of preons (primons) are +5/6 and -1/6, the Higgs-like bosons should have charges equal to -1, 0, +1 in the following way: two quadruplets of charged Higgs-like bosons H+ and H-, and a triplet of neutral bosons H0. Please, see also the post in this site AT MORIOND 2014 I PRESENTED THE PAPER THE HIGGS BOSON AND QUARK COMPOSITENESS.